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Birthdate:Sep 6
Name: Aiapaec (Crow Hogan)
Series: Yugioh 5ds (Aiapaecrow AU)
Appearance: Young adult, approximate age 25, 4 large canine teeth, claws, light tan skin and long orange-red hair. Either a highly decorative blue headband, blue headdress with snakes, or gold sun crown. Chest armor or gold collar usually present and typically shirtless. Loose light tan pants or kilt with a decorative woven belt that merges into two snakes, as well.
Age: Unknown (several thousand years old, younger brother to the Crimson Dragon-- though he is very angry about that).
History&Bio: Aiapaec was a god to the Moche people of Peru, who waged a war against the Nazca. Younger brother to the Crimson dragon, Aiapaec set out to find/make his own people with hopes of dominating the region.

Aiapaec was a decapitator god, frequently cutting off heads in battle, and severed heads were offered to him. As well, he regularly needs to consume blood, and blood was offered/drank in his honor by the Moche people. He watched over the skies from the mountains, and would journey to the underworld frequently. He is accompanied by blackbirds that travel between worlds to carry his messages.

He had a fling/romance with a passing deity named Hagalaz, until a large storm nearly wiped out his entire people. His people fled the area, before forming into the Wari and finally being synthesized into Inca culture. Aiapaec's legacy went on as “Viracocha” to the Inca and other pre-Inca people that his 'children' had created or spread to. However, he soon left by “walking across the Pacific Ocean”.

By the time the next Signer War rolled around, Aiapaec was reborn into Crow Hogan, a young and poor man in Satellite who frequently stole from security and had befriended Yusei and Jack. When disaster struck and his children we found missing and presumed long dead, Crow did not see the Killer Whale Glyph and instead drove his D-wheel Blackbird off the Daedalus bridge in suicide.

He was then awakened as Aiapaec, enraged by the Crimson Dragon's presence and the still fresh memory of his people's demise and the death of the human children he claimed as his own. He fought both the God of the Underworld and the Crimson Dragon, claiming that neither the Earthbound Gods, nor the Crimson Dragon would claim another life on this Earth. When he won the ceremonial battle, he won claim of the Earth for at least 5,000 years, although his interference caused problems with the system. Now the Earthbound Gods were watched over by the previous Dark Signers, while the Signers carried on semi-normal lives before returning to do the work of the world the Crimson Dragon asked of them.

Aiapaec also did not loose his form, more or less 'merging' with Crow's personality/soul. He returned to Peru, to be closer to the seals on the Earthbound Gods, and to be in his homeland once more. A large home was built almost like a grand temple or palace by several world powers in thanks for the saving of this world, and in hopes to keep the war god pacified.

Martha took over watching the children once they returned, and frequently visit Crow/Aiapaec in Peru. As well, Jack and Yusei are frequent visitors, as the main representatives for the Crimson Dragon.

Hagalaz returned, in a rather large spectacle, and stayed with Aiapaec. Many people of the world are unsure of how much they trust the two being together, with both of their reputations.

Note: Several things that are mentioned have their roots in Moche/Nazca/Inca mythology. Their are some discrepancies about which gods of Moche are “Aiapaec (creator/do-er)”, and which are other deities. Other names of deities/gods Aiapaec can go by: “Fanged God”, “Decapitator God”, and “Wrinkle Face”. It is also speculated that Aiapaec was used as a precursor to the Inca and pre-Inca god Viracocha, which 5ds also hints at with the Condor Glyph's name. Aiapaec was not said to have really any relations to other gods, but he is frequently seen battling a double headed dragon, and pictured under the “double headed rainbow serpent”.
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